Add a Synthetic Dog Park to your Business Complex

People love to socialize with others outside.  Why not let your best four-legged pal do the same?  If you own a business or apartment complex, add a synthetic dog park for dogs to socialize as well.  The addition of an artificial grass dog park allows not only a great benefit to dogs for a place to play outside but also for dog owners.  Many dog owners look for a place that incorporates dogs at businesses.  Therefore, adding a dog park with artificial grass is an excellent addition to your place of business.  The dog owners can sit back and enjoy watching their dogs get out and play and socialize in a synthetic grass dog park.  Additionally, they get to do the same with other dog owners!

add a synthetic dog park

These dogs can play out in an enclosed area covered in artificial turf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Benefits of adding a Synthetic Grass Dog Park

An enclosed artificial grass dog park lets dogs get off their leash and run playfully around.  This is truly useful for apartment complexes and townhomes.  These places oftentimes do not have any enclosed spaces for dogs to play, which leaves them left using the outdoor area of the facility for their bathroom breaks.  In addition, these potty breaks can leave your business with yellow circles on the lawn.  Instead of having your front business plagued with yellow circles, add an artificial turf dog park!  This provides a designated space for dogs to play and go potty.

The artificial turf also helps to keep the area cleaner and can easily wash away any messes.  This means you won’t have to open the gate and get the mower inside to keep the ground trimmed anymore.  Additionally, fake grass provides a ground that’s green even during the cooler months when normal grass would brown.  This helps to provide a nice look to your dog park with crisp green synthetic grass ground.

Contact us to add a synthetic dog park

Pet owners love their animals and also bring them everywhere, and you can do just that for your business!  If your own business is looking to add a modern new amenity to keep your customers satisfied and their pets happy, then please give NexGen Lawns a call today to purchase pet grass.  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you and your beloved pet with your next artificial turf solution.  Reach us through our contact page to discuss your space and the different possibilities of adding artificial turf!