Add an Artificial Grass Park or Parklet

Shops and restaurants across the nation have been increasing their downtown spaces adding green spaces through the addition of an artificial grass park or parklet.  Downtown spaces come mostly covered in concrete roads and buildings leaving no green spaces along the busy sidewalks.  Parklets are urban parking spaces converted to parks, seating, dining, and other possibilities to give more green spaces downtown.  Therefore, adding a vibrant ground with synthetic grass can change the way your urban areas feel.  All through the installation of artificial grass across the concrete ground outside of your place of business.

Add Artificial Grass Park

Bring softness to the ground with a synthetic grass park setting.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Add an Artificial Grass Park to Revamp

With downtown spaces and stores blending in more and more, an artificial grass sidewalk patio or parking lot will also help set you apart with eye-catching faux grass.  The lavish look of a colorful synthetic grass setting can grab potential customers’ attention.  Artificial turf can transform any boring outdoor space into a lush green patio.  Whether you want a seating area, dining area, or other space – artificial grass gives you that function.

Additionally, a welcoming artificial grass space outside your building invites more people to come to your space.  Or a place for them to spend more time outside the building in a seating area with fake grass beneath.  Therefore, adding fake grass to an outside area can now be used more than before.  This is due to the vast variety you can offer on an artificial grass ground from seating, games, or even pet spaces.  You can host fun games outside from cornhole to ring toss and more.  Additionally, you can incorporate artificial grass putting green into the outdoor fake grass lawn for a fun game a variety of ages can play all year.

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If your store or commercial business also looking to add more outdoor sidewalk space, a patio, rooftop, or a balcony – NexGen Lawns offers a variety of outdoor artificial patio grass to brighten up dull spaces into a thriving urban hangout.   Fake grass and synthetic turf are the perfect choice for businesses and parks with little to no maintenance required.  Since there are no lawn care chores of mowing and watering.  With the help of fake grass, outdoor spaces revamp once small unused concrete spaces into enjoyable social hot spots. For any questions, please contact our staff at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about NexGen Lawns turf.