What Shape Can an Artificial Grass Putting Green be?

What Shape Can an Artificial Grass Putting Green be?

If you are beginning your search into purchasing and installing a synthetic putting green at your home, you might be curious what shape can an artificial grass putting green be.  Artificial grass putting greens can come in a range of shapes to fit your space! That’s one of the many benefits of selecting synthetic grass for a home putting green is the flexibility to fit your space. Whether you want something in a square, circle, or kidney bean shape – NexGen Lawns is your professional synthetic grass green installer to contact. We work with you to install a custom putting green suited to your space and style with our variety of high-quality artificial grass selection.

What Shape Can an Artificial Grass Putting Green be?

This home synthetic grass putting green comes in a square shape with multiple holes to practice. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Grass Putting Greens Offer Different Shapes and Styles

Lush and fun! That’s the way this recent installation looks with NexGen Lawns with our premium artificial grass on the lawn. The corner section of this lawn went with a square-shaped artificial grass putting green. The shape lines up nicely with landscaping edging and corners of the house. Even a small area of the lawn can install a home putting green to work on your putting. The multiple holes allow for different angles to work on form, putting, and swing. This installation includes NexGen Lawns’ Royal Lux for the lawn and Platinum Putt in place for the putting green. Royal Lux is one of our high pile heights of synthetic grass which provides both a soft-looking and feeling surface to lawns. This higher height offers a great lawn and putt fringe.

Artificial grass putting greens provide you a surface to play with minimal maintenance. No tasks of trimming, fertilizing and watering to keep up with. Our Platinum Putt provides a beautiful look for the putting green due to the triple color combination of synthetic blades. Therefore, the blending of different colors offers you an artificial green that appears realistic. The artificial grass is compacted to give a consistent ball roll. For the backing, the Platinum Putt features a white rubber action backing that helps to give flexibility for surface undulations. Additionally, the artificial grass also comes with cool fiber technology to help lower the surface temperature. The artificial grass contains UV protection to keep your putting green from degrading and fading. Now, you can work on your game any time you want when you have an artificial grass putting green installed!

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Artificial grass offers many benefits for homeowners wanting a putting green for both the different shapes they can come in and a variety of styles you want to achieve. Therefore, when asking, what shape can an artificial grass putting green be – you’ll know they come in numerous styles and shapes. Our NexGen Lawns professionals are here to help guide you in your purchase of artificial grass. Please give us a call today at 888-844-0672 to discuss installing artificial grass for your home.