What is the Best Artificial Grass for a Putting Green?

A quality putting green surface is key in giving you a long-lasting and excellent golfing ground.  That is why many individuals ask themselves, what is the best artificial grass for a putting green? Thus, NexGen Lawns is your artificial grass company to call. We provide our clients with a truly high-quality artificial grass designed just for putting greens. Therefore, you will have the best artificial grass for a consistent golfing surface with our resilient fibers. Whether you would like to have a backyard putting green at your house or a commercial green – NexGen Lawns can assist your property. We cover a range of ground coverings with synthetic putting greens to customize your outdoor space.  For example, our installations of synthetic putting greens include lawns, patios, decks, rooftops, and balconies. In addition to placing putting greens outside, we also install indoor putting greens inside homes and businesses.

what is the best artificial grass for a putting green?

Add a well-manicured putting green that looks realistic to your home landscape through our installers. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Selecting what is the best Artificial Grass for a Putting Green

NexGen Lawns offers artificial grass that resembles natural grass to give you stunning ground.  We offer artificial grass for putting, long-range, and even bunker shots. Therefore, our team can assist you with your desired golfing surface from our texturized surfaces to even artificial bunker turf. We customize our greens to fit your space and golf needs. Therefore, you can beautify your lawn and have a surface that performs great. Additionally, we supply all accessories to incorporate into your putting green from the flags to the infill. That way you’ll have a fully equipped putting green! We can add sand traps and bunkers to help you with your game. NexGen Lawns installs the best artificial grass for putting greens to get you going on improving your short game. Plus, a synthetic grass putting green not only adds a golf zone to your space but also adds value to your home.

What Makes Our Turfs the Best Putting Green Turfs?

NexGen Lawns’ premium synthetic putting greens are really the best putting green turfs you’ll find in the market. They’re perfect for backyards, patios, rooftops, balconies, businesses, trade shows, and many more settings! We provide multiple varieties of highly durable synthetic turfs to serve golf courses, putting greens, miniature golf courses, tee lines, driving ranges, and mats.

Enjoy the Best Ball Roll

Whether you are looking for turf for backyards that can catch balls from 30 yards out or more of a long-ball turf that can catch a golf ball from up to 200 yards out, you can match high green speeds for your ball to react at PGA Level.

Customize Perfectly To Your Needs

Our installation team can perfectly customize the perfect green for the outdoor artificial putting green turf for your outside space. We work closely with our clients to custom design each golfing surface tailored to each player’s needs and styles. No matter if you’re a professional or amateur golfer, NexGen Lawns offers the best putting green turfs that can help you maintain and improve your golf skills.

Benefit From an All Year-Round Beautiful Putting Green Turf

NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf for putting greens contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection to prevent yarn from drying, cracking, and fading in the sun. And it offers protection from extreme temperatures, leaving your putting green the most beautiful putting turf available at all times!

Enjoy a Wide Range of Outdoor Sports & Activities Right from the Comfort of Your Property

In addition to providing beautifully sculpted artificial turf putting greens and golf courses, our artificial putting green turf can also be used for bocce ball, lawn bowling, croquet, cricket, tennis, and many more sports and activities!

Save on Cost, Maintenance, and Water

Lastly, rest assured that you’ll receive the best artificial turf for a putting green at an affordable price. Besides, our turf provides additional huge cost savings in reducing continual landscaping care and saving water. The oval blade technology is designed to last and our synthetic grass doesn’t require any upkeep, be it mowing or watering.

5 Options to Choose From

To take the first step towards acing your game or installing the best putting green for your business, choose from the outdoor putting green turfs for sale featured below. Or if you’d like assistance, contact us today – our staff would love to fit you with a synthetic putting green turf that best meets your specific needs.

NGL Platinum Putt

NGL Platinum Putt features triple-color nylon textured diamond blades. Thus, this means you’ll have an unbelievably realistic-looking putting green with low sheen and delustered artificial fibers. The triple-colored combination blades feature verde, lime, and tan-colored blades for a truly natural appearance. 

NGL Emerald Putt

NGL Emerald Putt features dual-colored nylon textured diamond blades for durability. The synthetic grass blade color combination features verde and lime green for a stunning personal putting green. The backing features a white rubber action backing designed to give you a consistent ball roll. Additionally, the artificial grass comes designed with color fiber technology, which helps to lower surface temperatures, keeping your putting green cooler in the summer heat. The synthetic grass also contains UV protection against color change and degradation to provide a long-lasting synthetic putting green.

NGL Augusta

NGL Augusta features a field and spring green color duo in a textured polypropylene grass blade for added endurance. The 9/16″ fiber depth makes this the perfect product to control ball roll speeds for constant putting for many years. 

Perfect Putt

NGL Perfect Putt features multi-colored yarn that gives you the most authentic look possible. The grass blades come compacted to replicate a putting green in both color and stimp meter speed. Additionally, this synthetic putting surface is very customizable and will roll true to your desired speed. NGL Perfect Putt is an entry-level putting surface that is ideal for almost any golf application. 

Bunker Turf

NGL Bunker Turf is designed to look and feel like a real sand trap. Therefore, it gives you the ability to practice chipping out of your own bunker right in your own backyard without having to worry about hitting sand all over the place, let alone the daily raking, cleaning, and necessary drainage a natural sand trap requires.

Contact Us Today

​​So, when asking what is the best artificial grass for a putting green? – Contact NexGen Lawns.  Our staff will happily discuss our artificial turf for your personal property. Or your commercial property as well! We also install artificial tee lines, courses, and tee boxes. Give us a call today at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about synthetic grass for putting greens.