Are you ready to turn off your sprinkler for good?

Are you ready to turn off your sprinkler for good?  Keeping your grass green through the Oklahoma summer heat can prove difficult. Especially as it can require watering several times a day.  This can become exhausting and time-consuming, trying to keep your lawn from going brown. It’s also a complete waste of water usage.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, American households consume 320 gallons of water a day.  Furthermore, residential water usage equates to 30% going to just outdoor watering. If you live in the Southwest, (which we do) then your lawn can consume 60% of your water usage.  Therefore, one huge way you can help protect our planet and go green is to install a water-saving synthetic grass lawn for your home.

turn off your sprinkler for good

Save your water and refresh the lawn with a synthetic grass landscape.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Going green with artificial grass

Turn off your sprinkler for good.  Our eco-friendly synthetic grass is 100% recyclable and helps to save Earth’s natural resource of water.  Once you switch your lawn to our realistic feeling grass, you will also be helping to: reduce gas-powered lawn and garden equipment emissions. This will, therefore, help diminish toxic lawn pesticides and fertilizer applications. It will also reduce oil spills from lawn equipment which harms ecological communities downstream.

Your yard will then be maintenance-free with no need for sprinklers or mowers. Your family will, therefore, have more time to enjoy the space.  You will be helping to save our water for future generations and reduce our planet’s air pollution by reducing emissions.

Your home’s new synthetic grass lawn will help our planet’s groundwater from being depleted from excess lawn water usage and cut your water bill in half by going green.  Now, you can turn off your sprinkler for good with artificial grass. If you are ready to help save our planet’s water, reduce emissions, and eliminate hazardous fertilizers and pesticides – then please call NexGen Lawns today!  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you in your next lawn transformation to help save our planet’s water and lower your water bill.