NexGen Lawns’ Synthetic Grass Systems Aids in Turf Irrigation

If you have been struggling with proper drainage solutions in your landscaping, you’re not alone. Many homeowners work hard on their lawns only to be left with water problems. Either the thirsty trees pull all the water out of the soil to leave the surrounding grass dry.  Or shaded and slanted landscapes don’t evenly distribute the water which leaves muddy sections.

NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass systems aid in turf irrigation. Synthetic grass is a waterless landscaping solution that we can install throughout the entire lawn. For the hard-to-grow areas beneath trees, synthetic grass requires no water.  Additionally, it will not compete with the trees for the water. Instead, the rain will flow directly below the turf surface through the drainage system for the tree to absorb the water.  That way you no longer have brown grass around your trees to deal with when you select fake grass. The highly advanced drainage system also benefits the muddy and hard-to-grow areas.  Thus, this is through eliminating the mud altogether for a cleaner lawn.

turf irrigationSynthetic grass provides a gorgeous landscape around garden edges and beneath trees for turf irrigation. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Turf Irrigation is Trouble-Free

With a highly reputable company like NexGen Lawns, our properly trained installation crews can remodel your home’s landscape into an easy-to-care solution. Who wants to bother with trying to compete with trying to keep the grass mowed and watered?  Especially around water-thirsty trees! NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass systems give homeowners all around the peace of mind of knowing their grass will always look good and appear trimmed.  Instead, accomplish all of this through our high-end synthetic grass.  Our turf looks unbelievably realistic with a proper backing and drainage system in place.  Additionally, we have the most dimensionally stable backing on our synthetic grass products to keep your lawn looking good for many years to come.

turf irrigationAn Air Panel System is installed beneath the synthetic grass that allows the tree to easily absorb rainwater. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

We offer multiple drainage systems for you to choose from for your synthetic grass landscaping needs. Therefore, please contact one of our staff members to learn which drainage system is the best for your outdoor landscape. Just fill out a quick inquiry form online or call us at 1-888-844-0672. In the meantime, take a glance through our wide range of synthetic turf and artificial grass available online for easy purchase.