Play your Tournaments on Artificial Turf

Tournaments and scrimmages require lots of field usage to host multiple games a day.  This can be difficult to keep the grass well-trimmed on a regular grass field.  However, switch and play your tournaments on artificial turf.  That way you can have the surface of artificial turf which offers a highly durable surface that comes with minimal upkeep.  Thus, this will help your sports club to quickly be ready for additional games.  This is highly beneficial when trying to host weekend tournaments.  The athletic field can quickly be ready to move on to the next game without having to make sure the grass is trimmed.

Regular grass can leave you left scrambling after a rain shower with wet fields.  These wet playing fields can leave you left with a muddy mess that is unsafe to play on.  Unfortunately, this usually means the tournament has to be canceled or rescheduled.  However, artificial turf has a rapid drainage system to swiftly drain rainwater.  This helps to dry the fields faster and eliminates mud.  Thus, you can play games sooner with a fast-drying field.  Additionally, regular grass can wear and fade away after the end of the season.  This is not helpful when trying to host pre or post-season tournaments on grass fields.  However, fake turf offers a green surface for more tournaments throughout the year.  This will help you to host more tournaments and games both pre and post-season.  Additionally, your sports club will reduce expenses in maintenance by no more mowing or watering with fake turf.

artificial turf for tournaments

Play games throughout the year on a durable artificial grass field.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial turf makes the ideal pitch for a tournament

Artificial turf brings a place for many different games of sports to be played.  This gives your sports club the ability to offer more sports to your community.  The versatility of the turf allows for a multitude of surfaces to be transformed into a beneficial sports field.  NexGen Lawns can help with both the outdoor and indoor spaces.  Indoor artificial turf fields provide a place to play games out of the weather throughout the year.  This allows you to host tournaments any time throughout the entire year on fake turf fields!  Additionally, you can use synthetic turf indoors for training fields, batting cages, and agility surfaces.

Artificial turf is ideal for use on outdoor fields or indoors to help people enjoy the fun activity that sports provide.  Artificial turf grass gives individuals the choice to convert the playing field to a variety of sports from football, to lacrosse as well as a range of others.  This way you can host multiple tournaments for a variety of sports all on the same fake grass playing field.  NexGen Lawns synthetic turf requires no constant upkeep. If you would like to learn more about NexGen Lawns’ artificial sports fields turf, please contact our staff today.  You can also view some of our artificial turf for tournaments.