The Myths about Astroturf

Artificial grass for many means laying old fashioned Astroturf from over 50 years ago. The myths about astroturf. The short crunchy surface back then was rough and hard and only used across sports fields. “Astroturf” has been around since the 1960s, and many still believe the artificial grass surface is the same today as it was then. Let’s take a look at also some of these misconceptions of what artificial grass or synthetic turf is like and how major advancements in technology have evolved artificial grass surfaces to numerous applications and not just limited to astroturf sports turf.

Synthetic turf sporting fields have made huge advancements in technology to provide enhanced play performance. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

When Astroturf first was developed it was a short pile turf surface for athletic fields. Remember, the Houston Astrodome? The Astrodome was also the first sporting facility to incorporate an artificial turf field with Astroturf. Since then, many sporting facilities have utilized artificial turf for playing fields for numerous benefits. “Astroturf” now is used freely as a brand name for artificial grass like Kleenex is used in the tissue market. But let’s remember, when thinking of artificial grass, it’s not the old-styled fake grass fibers. Through technological fiber advancements, fibers have become soft, high-durable, and a long pile turf. The myths about astroturf. With high-quality realistic fibers and low-maintenance requirements, fake grass has become a staple for lawn applications. This is why artificial grass has become a requested replacement for many celebrities and business leaders.

Benefits of Artificial Grass or Astroturf

  1.  Low-Maintenance & Soft
    Artificial grass lawns also provide a beautiful green soft lawn without having to use the lawnmower, watering hose, edger, and harmful chemical applications. This provides homeowners a year-round lawn with reduced water bills and more personal free time. Artificial lawns are kid and pet-friendly – which make it the perfect family lawn.
  2. Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable
    Artificial grass saves our most precious resource – water. Fake grass also aids in reducing toxic lawn chemicals and lawn equipment gas spills from flowing into our water streams, which damages ecological communities. NexGen Lawns artificial turf products are non-toxic, 100% lead-free, and even recyclable at their end-use.
  3. Clean & Mud-Free
    Artificial grass through NexGen Lawns comes with an advanced drainage system that quickly drains rainwater to leave a dry surface. No muddy footprints and paws in the house ever again! With a mud-free lawn, children and pets can play more often outside and truly enjoy having a lawn.

Through the use of synthetic grass, NexGen Lawns can also provide your home with a superior lawn that is highly durable, soft, and versatile. The myths about astroturf. We invite you to browse through our wide selection of artificial lawns online. NexGen Lawns also supplies and installs artificial grass for yards, dog runs, pool surrounds, sporting fields, putting greens, playgrounds, parks, and more. Contact our specialized turf team today at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about adding an artificial lawn to your surface area.