Relax with Fido on a Synthetic Turf Pool Surround

If you own a pool or looking to have one installed at your home, consider the benefits of a synthetic turf pool surround.  Unlike the hassles of natural grass, synthetic grass requires no mowing or watering.  Or hazardous fertilizer treatments applied.  Synthetic yards will be ready for outdoor playtime all the time, which is perfect for pets too.  This is especially beneficial in the summer when the family is jumping and diving in the refreshing pool.  Dogs will love the soft feel of synthetic grass under their sensitive paws as they lounge in the shade or enjoy a dip in the pool!  While you yourself get to relax in a comfortable synthetic turf backyard without the hassles of trimming the grass! 

Keep your pool grass and mud-free this summer with synthetic grass in your backyard.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A Synthetic Turf Pool Surround Keeps the Grounds Clean

No one enjoys having to vacuum out the grass and dirt all the time out of the pool.  Placing synthetic turf around the backyard pool keeps the annoying grass clippings and dirt that stick to feet and paws out of the pool.  This saves you time wasted scooping out the grass clippings out of the pool, and more time to swim instead!  Not only does the grass and dirt stay out of the pool, but the synthetic turf lawn stays mud-free with all the water flying from splashing, canyon balls, or belly flops!

These fun jumping activities into the pool can wreck a regular grass lawn that will become waterlogged and full of mud.  This mud gets tracked back into the pool.  Leaving you with not only a messy yard but also a mud-filled pool.  However, a synthetic turf pool surround comes with rapid drainage to quickly dry the lawn.  Therefore, you can enjoy jumping into the pool and not having a yard and feet full of mud with artificial turf.  While the family dog can lounge without muddy paws too!

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