What’s the Difference in Synthetic Turf Manufacture?

If you haven’t seen or felt the difference for yourself, synthetic turf and artificial grass do not come made all the same. What’s the difference in synthetic turf manufacture? That’s the question you should be asking when shopping for synthetic grass or artificial turf products. NexGen Lawns specializes in synthetic turf.  This is to provide our customers with premium products and proper installation. Our artificial grass manufacturing comes fully integrated and passes strict guidelines and stringent testing to provide 100% lead-free products. For a positive environmental impact, all of our artificial grass can be completely recycled at its end-use.  Thus, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality synthetic grass that starts in the factory.

synthetic turf manufactureHigh-quality synthetic grass provides lawns with a beautiful landscape year-round. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns Synthetic Turf Manufacture Includes:

Advanced Fibers
Our advanced fibers provide a truly realistic look with a low sheen and deluster fibers. Therefore, our artificial grass and synthetic turf contain ultraviolet-inhibited polyethylene fibers for UV production. Each individual layer comes treated for ultraviolet degradation and exposure to extreme temperatures. Thus, our technologically advanced fibers keep yarn from fading, cracking, and drying.

We are proud to bring you synthetic grass products manufactured lead-free for a truly high-quality product.  Furthermore, our premium artificial grass products are free of harmful heavy metals and lead to protect you and your family.

Rapid Flow Backing
Our premium synthetic grass and artificial turf products have a rapid flow backing. This rapid flow backing allows for water to quickly drain into the rock base below the surface. Additionally, we offer multiple drainage systems to provide you with the right solution for your space. Our free-draining synthetic grass can drain over 100 inches per minute per square yard. Thus, this means the lawn can be dry in as little as 15 minutes after it rains.

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