Play on a new Synthetic Turf Football Field

Are you looking for a new playing surface for your athletic field?  Then, play on a new synthetic turf football field.  One synthetic turf playing field gives the flexibility to host multiple sports and events throughout the entire year.  Therefore, you have more to offer to your school, sporting club, or park with the ability to host more than just one sport.  For example, this means you can play football, lacrosse, softball, and other sports on artificial turf.  In addition, synthetic turf offers a surface for even holding outside events.  This gives you plenty of opportunities to utilize the fake turf surface all year.  Whether that’s a sporting event, concert, or other activity, synthetic turf offers more than a football field.  The artificial turf gives you a truly multi-purpose surface to use throughout the year.  Therefore, offering you more than just a basic sports field when you select synthetic turf.

More Field Time with a Synthetic Turf Football Field

NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf field system reduces field preparation time and eliminates yard mowing, watering, and grass seeding.  With also more time available to utilize the field, fields allow for more use of sporting events, practices, tournaments, and other venues.  With the fast drying of artificial turf, the annoyance of canceling for wet field conditions will become no more.  Football scrimmages, practices, or games can still be hosted soon after the rain has stopped.  This helps to reduce game or practice reschedules.  No matter the sport, our outdoor sports turf provides realistic performance with high-quality durability through our turf bind technology.  To prevent yarn fading outdoors, drying, or cracking – our artificial turf contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection and is lead-free.

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With the help of NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf field system, your sports field can come transformed. This can become a multipurpose field that eliminates the continual upkeep that is necessary for having natural grass fields.  Artificial turf sports fields provide high-quality fields built with strength and durability to ensure a playable sports field.  Not only can artificial turf provide high-quality sports fields, but the durable turf allows for multipurpose use from football, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and outdoor venue events. Plus, much more!

NexGen Lawns carries premium outdoor artificial field turf that will ensure your fields are ready for games and practices.  For any questions to get started scheduling the installation of fake turf contact our staff at 1-(888) 844-0672.