Synthetic Grass Dog Balcony Brings Added Amenity for Apartments

Urban living is quickly gaining popularity in the nation and synthetic grass helps to create a functional modern style. It’s proved particularly useful in creating a synthetic grass dog balcony.  The stylish look of synthetic grass provides a useful surface for dog owners who live in a high-rise space.  Additionally, the obstacle of having to go down multiple floors with your dog and head to an outdoor area can be relieved with fake grass.  The addition of fake grass to your balcony means you can simply head out your own door for some outdoor time together.  This is tremendously easier for both you and your pet to have a conveniently located space on your balcony.

synthetic grass dog balcony

Enjoy walking out onto a soft fake grass balcony with your pup throughout the year.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A modern way of living with synthetic grass dog balcony

Synthetic grass offers townhomes and apartments a nice solution to limited outdoor space.  Adding the space provides a great amenity to your complex.  Thus, it can go on individual balconies or across the rooftop or outdoor patio space.  NexGen Lawns provides artificial turf installation to residential and commercial locations for dog spaces.

A fake grass doggie play area provides a clean area for pet owners.  Without the annoyance of going all the way down and outside the building to play or use the bathroom.  The addition of a synthetic grass rooftop provides a perfect way for pets and pet owners to socialize and exercise.  If you don’t want a dog space on your rooftop or balcony, we also install dog turf outside around your business.  Whether you want a large outdoor dog park or a small dog run – the professionals at NexGen Lawns can assist you.

The faux grass lawn can easily go onto concrete balconies and rooftops, which provides excellent water drainage.  By choosing to offer an outstanding amenity with an artificial grass dog park, the complex will keep customers satisfied and their pets’ feet happy.  Additionally, artificial grass requires no mowing or watering and looks fresh and green year-round.

If your business or home is looking to add a fresh new feature with the modern look and feel of faux grass, please contact NexGen Lawns.  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you and your beloved pet with your next artificial grass solution.  Reach us at 888-844-0672.  You can also email us anytime with our online form.  In the meantime, check out our products online available for purchase for a synthetic grass dog balcony.