Here are Some Water Filled Summer Games on Artificial Grass

The heat is in full force this summer with over 100-degree days scorching away and no cold fronts coming any time soon.  Many homeowners are left feeling stuck indoors trying to stay cool. Parents, therefore, have to look for economical ways to entertain their kids.  Therefore, play some summer games on artificial grass this summer.

A great solution without having to get out for daily trips is an outdoor water-filled activity right in your backyard.  NexGen Lawns has some simple fun-filled water activities that both adults and children are sure to enjoy. Read on for our roundup of ideas.

5 Best Water Filled Summer Games on Artificial Grass

Artificial grass eliminates pesky wet grass blades floating in pools.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Here are some water-filled summer games on artificial grass


If you have a pool, adding artificial grass around your pool will help to keep it cleaner.  You also don’t have to have your own pool installed to enjoy splashing around in the water.  Plastic or blow-up pools are perfect to cool off in.  With synthetic turf, there will also be no more grass blades floating around the pool.  Artificial turf blades do not stick to feet, leaving your pool clean to splash around in.


The easiest game that every child loves is running through the sprinkler!  The only requirement is a water hose and sprinkler.  Kids can run freely without having to worry about running barefoot on hard compact dirt patches. With artificial grass, there are no uneven grounds or stepping on debris.  Their feet will, therefore, feel refreshed on the padded artificial turf.

Water Balloons or Squirt Guns

Let the games begin!  Squirt guns and water balloons are great for adults and kids alike.  You can enjoy throwing or squirting the water at others while not worrying about destroying your lawn.  Additionally, no mud puddles form on your lawn.  Artificial grass keeps your lawn mud-free with our fast drainage.

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