Change your School or Sports Facility with Artificial Turf Soccer Fields

Change up your school or sports facility with artificial turf soccer fields.  Soccer fields can endure high activity; thus, give your sporting fields a ground surface that’s durable with fake turf.  The addition of artificial turf fields would provide a more even and soft playing surface.  The high durability of synthetic grass works across many areas from outdoor fields to indoor training grounds.  Additionally, artificial fields provide rapid drainage compared to regular grass.  Therefore for young school children to enjoy themselves without the worries of playing in wet muddy fields after the rain.

Change your School or Sports Facility with Artificial Turf Soccer Fields

Struggling to accommodate different sports or numerous games?  With school and sporting grass fields converted to artificial turf playing fields, it will allow for multiple games.  Games can be played throughout the year and not just when the grass is in season.  Additionally, games can be played on the multipurpose fields and reducing costly maintenance costs from sodding, watering, and harmful chemical applications.  This will help to save your school or sporting club in the expense of grass upkeep while providing more time to use the sporting fields.

artificial turf soccer fields

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If it’s time for your school or community park to give your students and coaches a versatile playing field that is a year-round maintenance-free playing surface, then please give NexGen Lawns a call today.  Children and adults will love the highly durable artificial turf field that allows them to play more games and practices with fewer worries of cancellations of games and practices due to wet field conditions with NexGen Lawns’ fast draining turf.  One of our NexGen Lawns’ highly knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you in your next sports facility makeover with synthetic grass.  You can also email us anytime with our online form.  Remember to ask for a free no-cost obligatory quote.  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your artificial turf needs.