Can I save water with Artificial Grass?

Can I save water with Artificial Grass?

Water conservation has quickly become the forefront of many homeowners’ minds looking to combat wasteful watering.  Thus, many wonder, can I save water with artificial grass?  The answer to that popular question is yes!  When you remodel your regular grass lawn with artificial grass, you can save water.  That’s because fake grass lawns do not require any watering!  When you water your lawn through either a sprinkler system or the garden hose, gallon after gallon of water is pouring out and being wasted.  These gallons can quickly add up to thousands and thousands over the summer months.  This not only can hurt your pocketbook but also depletes our precious water.  Instead, save water and go with the beautiful look of an artificial grass lawn from the professionals at NexGen Lawns.  That way you can save on your outdoor watering bill by reducing your water usage with a faux grass lawn.

Artificial turf lawns help combat drought by saving water.  When communities experience a water shortage from droughts, artificial turf can help by not utilizing water on your grass.  Droughts can run for many years to a short timeframe.  Severe drought can leave many places left with a water shortage.   However, water is something we all should want to conserve even during times when we’re not in drought.  That is where selecting to have an artificial grass lawn installed at your home is a way to ensure you’re saving water without having to water your grass.  An artificial grass lawn helps not for this year, but for many future years to save you water.  Therefore, making the investment into a faux lawn means you’ll be contributing for numerous years to having a waterless lawn.

save water with artificial grass

Synthetic grass provides this home lawn a stunning lawn without watering needed.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Save More than Water with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass provides homes more than just a lawn that requires no watering.  Additionally, you get a green lawn without the other maintenance that comes with regular grass.  This means no more wasted time pushing the lawnmower, placing down toxic fertilizer treatments, or turning on the water hose.  Eliminating the need to use a gas-powered lawnmower helps to reduce gas pollution!  Another bonus is you can free up space without having to store the bulky lawnmower in your garage or shed.  In addition, not adding toxic fertilizers to your yard means no harmful chemicals to run off into our water streams.  Artificial grass saves you both the time spent either doing the lawn chores yourself or having to pay someone to tend to your lawn.  Instead, you can sit back and view a stunning landscape that’s green all year without wasting a drop of your water on the lawn.

If you’re considering helping in water conservation through an artificial grass lawn, then give NexGen Lawns a call at 888-844-0672.  We can help you with remodeling your current yard to a waterless solution of synthetic grass.  We have a range of different styles and options of artificial grass to create a nice outdoor area to even a play space for children or even the family dog.  Additionally, you can add some golfing fun by incorporating an artificial putting green into your yard.  Call today to hear more!