Play on Synthetic Turf Outside

Are you looking for the highly durable surface of synthetic turf to play sports and activities?  After the end of the sports seasons, many are left without a surface to play on.  Even though the season might have ended, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get out and play.  Thus, play on synthetic turf outside for some year-round fun.  The durability and high quality of synthetic turf offer children and adults both a surface they can play on throughout the year.  The versatility that comes with artificial turf means you will have a multi-use space.  Therefore, you can host numerous sports or just have a space to run around and play.  Teams to individuals can play some softball, baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and many more fun sports or outdoor activities.

play on synthetic turf

Have fun outside playing a variety of activities on fake turf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Play on Synthetic Turf Outside

A regular sod grass ground leaves the ground browned and dried at the end of the sporting season.  Instead, offer a green playing field surface throughout with the installation of artificial turf.  This way you can play outside on a faux green turf and not be left on a brown dried grass field.  Additionally, fake turf offers a clean playing field that can be used year-round without the mud.  This is due to the fast-draining turf that swiftly drains rainwater.  Thus, this helps to reduce canceled outdoor games due to the fields being wet for days to dry.

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Give NexGen Lawns a call today to help ensure your sports field performs well for our sports players both young and old year-round.  One of our NexGen Lawns representatives is happy to assist you in your next sports facility enhancement.  Don’t forget to get outside and also enjoy a sport or activity on a synthetic turf field!  Check out some of our different options for you to play on synthetic turf outside.  Additionally, we carry options of artificial sporting turf for indoor applications too.