Help your Pet Resort with Synthetic Grass Dog Lawn

If you own a pet resort, then you know how difficult it can become to keep the outdoor dog lawn clean and trimmed.  This is due to the heavy use the outdoor dog lawn receives with many dogs having fun and running around.  The high activities can wear the grass leaving the dog lawn left with hardened dirt and uneven grounds.  The dirt areas then turn to mud pits after a rainfall.  This leaves your pet resort left with a messy play yard for visiting dogs.  Therefore, help your pet resort with the installation of a synthetic grass dog lawn from NexGen Lawns.

NexGen Lawns is here to help change your traditional boarding for dogs into a different experience.  This is through a new synthetic grass play area with rapid drainage to keep your dog lawn space tidier without the mud pits.  When you install synthetic grass for your dog business, you’ll instantly see the difference in having a full green turf lawn.  Artificial turf provides a lawn that keeps green for years to come without having to put down toxic fertilizers.  Therefore, your dog business will create a curb appeal to attract future doggy clients through the stunning pet turf.

pet resort with synthetic grass

Dogs love playing outdoors on high-quality artificial grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Dogs can play year-round at a pet resort with synthetic grass

Synthetic grass provides your pet business with an outdoor play area that dogs love coming to play in.  Thus, the fast-draining faux grass keeps the yard dry and clean with no more muddy dogs covered in grass.  Dogs are now able to run freely on the smooth artificial grass play area without hurting their paws on hard concrete floor coverings.  Any accidents will be washed away keeping the area clean for pets to enjoy their fun-filled vacation.  This drainage also helps to reduce smelly potty odors.  Additionally, fake dog grass offers a green lawn throughout the year that dogs can run around on.  This means dogs can experience a green dog lawn all year with artificial grass.  Instead of regular grass that browns and fades away at the end of the season.  Now, your doggy clients can enjoy outdoor time year-round.

Help your own doggie daycare business with an outdoor space with NexGen Lawns’ synthetic dog grass. You’ll be able to create a year-round play space with no more worries of re-sodding!  Give our crew a call today to discuss your property at 888-844-0672.