Is Artificial Grass Worth the Money?

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You are likely seeing it more and more—artificial grass. Whether you have noticed it at the local playground, or perhaps the putting green you frequent has made the transition, or even some of your neighbors have decided this is the route for them, there is no question that artificial lawns are continuing to grow in popularity. 

If you are a traditional grass enthusiast, you might wonder if it is worth putting in fake grass. And while your question is certainly valid, the answer is a resounding yes. Artificial grass has pros and cons, but when it comes to making a sound investment in your lawn, artificial grass is worth the money.

What is the Maintenance of Artificial Grass?

Some maintenance is still required to keep an artificial lawn in top shape.  But it is a far cry from the amount of work that real grass requires. For one thing, there is more than one type of artificial grass.  As there is a range of uses that it has.  After all, if a lawn is going to have a significant amount of foot traffic, or perhaps going to be used for a dog run, then you might want something a bit tougher than grass that is going to be used for a putting green

Similarly, the weather plays a big role, and those residents of Dallas, Texas might consider different options for their artificial lawn than residents of Tulsa, Oklahoma. So the first step when it comes to maintenance is having the right turf that meets your needs.

A second step is to be mindful of what you maintain your artificial lawn with. Water tends to do the trick just fine, as artificial lawns come designed to drain water. Spraying it down with a hose from time to time is the best way to keep it clean of debris.  Or other things that might fall and latch on. Also, brushing your artificial grass is a good idea, as it helps the blades stand up straight. This is especially true if your artificial grass is going to be stepped on quite often. 

Do Weeds Grow Through Artificial Grass?

 Father and baby playing on fake grass.

A common reason that people make the switch to artificial grass is because of the maintenance they no longer want to do. Forget mowing the grass anymore! And weeding is similar, but not exactly the same. While your artificial grass won’t grow, weeds can still get through from time to time. After all, your artificial lawn comes designed to allow the passage of water.  So it is not simply an airtight sheet across the ground. And while this lining blocks many weeds from getting through, some pesky intruders might still find their way. 

The best approach for this is to use weed killer, as opposed to pulling the weeds by hand. With an organic lawn, you can pull those weeds by hand all day (and you likely have spent time doing that if you are considering artificial lawns), but with artificial grass, pulling weeds in such a fashion can be harmful to the grass. Therefore, spraying weed killer is your best approach, and takes the labor out of it anyway. 

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