Transform the Style of your Suburban Home with Urban Synthetic Grass

Many homeowners across the nation live outside of large cities in the surrounding suburban communities, but don’t let living in the suburban towns keep you from creating a modern dwelling space. Transform your suburban home by using home urban synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass has become increasingly popular throughout urban spaces whilst applied across patios, balconies, decks, small lawns, pool surrounds, and dog runs. The reason for the ever-growing popularity of synthetic grass is the maintenance-free landscape it provides while also giving a fresh and new look and feel to home landscapes.

Synthetic grass comes eco-friendly and provides a waterless grass solution that’s been applied across varying surfaces. Urban homeowners have been enjoying the freedom of a carefree landscape. That in return provides them more free time to enjoy without having to waste weekends on lawn upkeep.  Or having to pay someone to care for the maintenance of their lawnmowing.

transform style suburban home urban synthetic grassSynthetic grass can be customized into each homeowner’s unique backyard masterpiece. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

 Synthetic Grass is Refreshing & Simple

NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass solutions don’t require watering, pesticides, or continual maintenance of mowing and trimming. We also have been helping homeowners go green by eliminating wasteful watering. Also toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and gas-powered fumes and spills – instead, they select synthetic grass at their homes. We also provide both commercial and residential property owners with stylish urban designs even in the suburbs that are simple. Synthetic grass stays vibrant all year for a posh and refreshing design scheme that gives homeowners more time for relaxing. Anyone can also always use more relaxation time without worrying about dragging the mower out to mow. Faux grass comes so flexible to incorporate between pavers, landscaping rocks, and stones. The best part is the edge lines stay crisp and clean with never a worry about edging them straight again.

Transform style suburban home urban synthetic grass

If you’re ready to start transforming your current space or in the process of building a new home, NexGen Lawns also remodel your residential or commercial property space into a stylish urban grass design. Our synthetic fibers come built tough to keep up with the heavy foot traffic of children, pets, and adults. Check out some of our premium urban synthetic grass available for purchase. Please give NexGen Lawns a call today and one of our highly knowledgeable representatives will happily assist you in creating the modern landscape you deserve.