Incorporate a Home Synthetic Putting Green

No matter your age, golf is always a pleasure to play!  An artificial turf putting green allows both children and senior adults to enjoy teeing off and still work on their short game.  While these golf enthusiasts also continue to work on their short game, practicing their putt helps aid their bodies in hand-eye coordination, balance, and endurance.  So while you’re having fun playing one of your favorite hobbies, you’ll be helping your body as well with a home synthetic putting green.  NexGen Lawns provides top-notch quality synthetic grass putting greens to give you a great ball roll on your putting green.

A Home Synthetic Putting Green Adds Class & Entertainment

Synthetic grass putting greens bring a touch of class and eloquence to any facility or home.  Artificial putting greens require little upkeep.  This is why so many businesses and individuals are therefore installing them into their homes and properties.  There is no watering, mowing, or resodding required to care for an artificial putting green.  You can step outside and play a few rounds on your own lawn without the lawn trimming regular grass requires.

NexGen Lawns’ synthetic greens add a luxury amenity that is excellent to host year-round activities.  As well as giving you a beautiful spot for an outdoor venue.  By adding value to your property with excellent amenities, give commercial and residential properties an outlet to have exciting games and tournaments.  Whether this is at your business or residence, our professionals are here to assist you in adding the stunning look of an artificial grass putting green.  We customize our artificial grass putting greens to your space; therefore, if you want to add a bunker or multiple holes – let our staff help you.

home synthetic putting greenA NexGen Lawns customized synthetic grass putting green is the perfect feature to bring entertainment and value to commercial properties.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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Let your guests experience the NexGen Lawns difference with synthetic turf at your commercial property.  Our professional installation team can add a fun and low-maintenance synthetic turf putting green to your business and/or home.  Both old and young can, therefore, enjoy the benefits an artificial putting green can bring to your outdoor space.  Browse through our large selection of premium artificial putting greens available for purchase.  Our design team can also create the best-customized golfing surface for your style and space.  Are you ready to get started to add some putting fun to your space?  Please give our green golf turf professionals a call at 1-888-844-0672.