Create a Modern Twist with Faux Landscaping

faux landscaping

The home lawn offers a wide range of design options that can create a beautiful picturesque look through faux landscaping.  The difference between utilizing artificial grass is the versatility it brings by being able to place it in areas regular grass cannot.  Whether it is placing fake grass in shaded areas where grass can’t grow, across different surfaces, or even bringing the look of grass inside a covered porch.  Faux landscaping provides you with numerous design possibilities that regular grass can not provide.

NexGen Lawns can modernize your lawn with artificial faux landscaping.  We work on large to small-scale projects both in residential and even commercial landscapes.  Our installers can change out the dull lawn that struggles to grow into a full and lush appearing surface.  Most importantly, our artificial grass comes with the highest quality to give you a truly beautiful piece.  The high-end quality can quickly be felt in the softness our artificial grass brings.

faux landscapingThe unique touch of weaving artificial grass between pavers adds a classy touch.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Faux Landscaping is Easy

After you’ve made the decision to add faux landscaping to your home lawn, the upkeep is easy.  Unlike regular grass which requires a high demand for work, artificial grass is stress-free.  The dreaded lawn mowing ends, which also means you can clear up more space in your garage or shed.  Additionally, this means no tedious edging to keep up with either.  Instead, fake landscaping grass provides a well-maintained look that looks freshly trimmed.  One of the overlooked benefits is the zero watering you have to do with artificial grass.  This not only helps to reduce our water usage but also can even lower the watering bill.  Great savings you can enjoy for many future years by switching to artificial grass.  In addition, you don’t have to apply those strong lawn chemicals to keep the grass green and growing.  Faux landscaping offers a gorgeous-looking lawn without the work.

Don’t get stuck with a boring yard – change it up with faux grass through NexGen Lawns.  We carry numerous styles of artificial grass to add a new naturally-appearing lawn through our advanced fibers.  If you have a design idea you would like to discuss with one of our representatives, please give us a call today.  Or maybe you haven’t yet figured out what you should do with the lawn and need some advice.  Then, contact NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672 to go over your lawn.