Remodel your Business with a Faux Grass Storefront

Differentiating your retail store can become difficult with multiple stores feeling and looking all of the same.  Are you looking to brighten up your retail store and make it feel more inviting to consumers?  All of this can become achieved with the look of a fabulous faux grass storefront applied throughout your shop.   A faux grass installation offers endless design options to truly differentiate your retail store from the competition.  The bright green fake grass flooring can help your products stand out.  To, therefore, showcase all of the items inside your store and bring modern style, faux grass should be utilized.  The vibrant green artificial grass can be applied across the floors, tables, and even walls.

faux grass storefront

Change your look through synthetic grass at your business.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Faux Grass Storefront Brings the Outdoors to the Inside

Walking inside stores can all feel the same.  However, synthetic turf brings the freshness of the outdoors to the inside to make it feel unique to your customers.  This experience can leave an impression on your customers to remember your store.  Unlike boring stores with regular flooring that can feel cold and unwelcoming, artificial grass provides a soft touch directly beneath customer shoes.  Additionally, artificial grass looks amazing to display outdoor products or sporting items on.  Thus, your clients can see what your products will look like outdoors with fake grass flooring.

Not only can it go along the entire floor, but also fake grass can be used as spacers between the tiles.  Or even outside the exterior of your store near the sidewalk.  Or create an outdoor seating area outside your store with the installation of artificial grass.  If you don’t want to create something outside, try making an indoor fake grass seating area for your customers.  Synthetic grass offers a natural feeling for a simple decoration.  Thus, consumers experience a welcoming environment with all of the colorful artificial grass.  Additionally, fake grass can go outside your building along the sidewalks for a bright storefront.

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Artificial turf not only brings eye-catching designs for consumers but also showcases items perfectly and uniquely.  NexGen Lawns carries premium retail turf that can apply both inside and in outdoor shops.  Our artificial grass design team can help coordinate the perfect retail design for your store.  Whether you are thinking about adding fake grass outside or to the inside floors – NexGen Lawns is the place to call for an artificial turf installation project.  Give our team a call today at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about which artificial grass product will best suit your retail shop design!