Save your Back with Fake Lawns

With fake lawns, you can save your back!  Traditional lawns come with countless hours of lawn work.  Those hot sweaty days in the summer trying to keep the grass mowed can be exhausting.   Either pushing the lawnmower or riding along on the uncomfortable lawnmower is tedious.  However, that’s not all that comes with a grass lawn.  Applying lawn feed and bending over to pull weeds can seem never-ending.  Additionally, the high water bills trying to fulfill a water-guzzling lawn.  But unfortunately, the yard work doesn’t end after summer.  Preparing the lawn for wintertime and prepping the lawn for spring requires back-breaking work too.  However, with fake lawns, there are no mowing, watering, or lawn applications to worry about.

NexGen Lawns synthetic fake lawns are a waterless and low-maintenance solution.  We provide both homes and businesses with high-quality artificial grass.  Our artificial grass is 100% lead-free and of other heavy metals.  It is both kid and pet-friendly!  Both dogs and children will have a cleaner surface to play on outside.  This is due to the highly advanced drainage system underneath the synthetic grass.  Rainwater is rapidly flushed through leaving no mud behind.  Now, everyone will have the chance to enjoy the lawn throughout the year.

fake lawns

Give yourself a stunning lawn all year with synthetic fake lawns.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Plus, Save your Time with Fake Lawns

Once you have made the switch to a NexGen Lawns artificial grass lawn system, you’ll instantly have more free time.  There are no wasted weekends working away on the lawn.  Or the expense of paying someone for lawn maintenance care.  By having an artificial grass lawn installed, you can relax in the comfort of knowing the lawn is taken care of.  You will have a realistic-looking yard to enjoy for the whole year.  This provides everyone in the whole family more time to enjoy outside together.

NexGen Lawns offers artificial fake lawns and synthetic turf products easily available for purchase online.  Our synthetic grass can remodel multiple surfaces and spaces.  It transforms spaces with bare spots into a fully beautiful synthetic lawn system.  However, if you don’t want to have the hassles of a do-it-yourself project – our installation can take care of all the work.  We work directly with you and your space to help create your landscaping ideas.  Go ahead and give us a call today to learn more about artificial grass for your home!