Celebrate Earth Day with NexGen Lawns Eco Lawn Turf!

Happy Earth Day from NexGen Lawns! This year marks the 47th anniversary of protecting our environment with Earth Day. Celebrating Earth Day is simple and easy when you choose to protect the planet with NexGen Lawns’ eco lawn turf. We have also been helping clients to save our planet’s water, reduce emissions, and eliminate toxic chemical lawn applications. We, therefore, hope you take a moment today to enjoy the Earth and all its’ beautiful surroundings among us. Some easy ways you can participate in Earth Day are by carpooling to work or school, picking up trash, or simply reducing your daily water usage. To also make a year-round impact and truly go green this Earth Day transform your home or office landscape with NexGen Lawns eco-friendly turf.

Go Green with Eco Lawn Turf

Are you also ready to go green this year with your outdoor lawn?  NexGen Lawns artificial grass requires no polluting gas-powered lawn mowers, wasteful outdoor lawn watering, or harmful lawn chemicals.  With the help of NexGen Lawns eco lawn artificial turf, you will also be saving our planet’s most precious resource water.  Simply by not having a water-guzzling yard!  Not only that but by not utilizing noisy gas-powered lawn equipment – less pollution will be put into our Earth’s atmosphere and in run-off streams from accidental spills.  This helps to protect environmental communities in those streams and rivers.  Going green is simple and easy with NexGen Lawns artificial grass.  Our eco-friendly artificial grass is LEAD-FREE and is 100% recyclable at its end use.

Celebrate Earth Day with NexGen Lawns Eco LawnNexGen Lawns’ eco-friendly artificial grass provides exceptional drainage to give trees the water they need.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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NexGen Lawns is here to help you transform your lawn into a green eco-friendly lawn with our premium artificial grass and synthetic turf products.  We carry exceptional eco lawn turf products you can purchase online.  Our artificial grass is built strong and highly durable with the best quality.  If you also have any questions about which product is the best for your outdoor space, you can reach our artificial turf experts at 1-(888)-844-0672.  NexGen Lawns is therefore here to help you with your outdoor project with our highly skilled installation team.  We truly hope you enjoy this Earth Day and celebrate all that is around us.