NexGen Lawns Supplies Dog Potty Turf

Are you a dog owner or a dog kennel resort owner?  Then, you know about the struggles of trying to maintain a lawn to stay dog-friendly.  NexGen Lawns supplies dog potty turf to solve your lawn problems.  Outside time for dogs is a chance for them to exercise, play, and of course, have potty time.  Pet urine on regular grass yellows or browns the grass.  Therefore, leaving you with a spotty lawn that keeps reoccurring.

Doggy daycare centers especially have difficulty maintaining a green lawn with the high traffic of dogs.  However, with an artificial dog potty turf surface pet urine does not yellow the surface.  Instead, you will have a lush synthetic green turf surface for your pet to play along with.  This will help your dog resort look great to your clients.  As well as at home with a pet turf installation.  Both you and your fur baby will love having a lawn that stays green even with the sunlight and potty breaks.

Dog Potty Turf

Dogs will love having a soft surface to play on and for the potty breaks as well.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Dog Potty Turf Provides a Cleaner Surface

NexGen Lawns artificial surfaces for dogs not only stay green but help to keep the lawn cleaner too!  With grass, pet urine will sit on top of the surface causing smelly odors.  With artificial pet turf, the urine quickly passes through the turf surface.  This is due to the drainage system underneath the synthetic grass surface.  This drainage system not only helps with potty breaks but with the rain too.

Lawns can quickly turn into messy mud disasters after it rains.  Sometimes the rain takes days to even months for the lawn to dry back out.  This leaves homeowners and business owners with a never-ending mess to deal with.  Once the dogs go outside, their paws sink into the mud leaving tracks across the lawn.  This mess is then tracked indoors!  However, a synthetic dog turf has no mud to deal with.  Especially, no mud to worry about inside either!  That way you can have a cleaner lawn, dog, and floors inside your home with fake turf.

Does having a soft lawn surface that does not yellow or brown, and dog-friendly sound like the right fit for you and your dog?  Then, call the pet turf experts at NexGen Lawns to get started enjoying a stunning lawn.  You can reach us at 1-888-844-0672.  In the meantime, check out our artificial dog potty turf available for online purchase anytime.