Dog Kennel Grass is the Ideal Solution for Boarding Centers

If you own a dog boarding center or doggy daycare facility, then you understand the hassles of trying to keep up the grass for the constant paw traffic from active dogs always on the go. Dog kennel grass is the ideal solution for dog boarding centers. Regular grass is quick to break down, yellow, and becomes dangerous when muddy or from getting packed into ruts. The costs of re-sodding the dog run increase, as well as, the care to mow, water, and treat the lawn.

When showcasing your business to potential customers, having an outdoor dog run that is clean and well-kept is a must. Pet owners looking to board their dogs don’t want to leave their fur babies to have potty breaks and playtime outside on muddy lawns. Dog kennel grass is the ideal solution for boarding centers. Synthetic grass dog runs don’t yellow, break down, or become filled with mud.

dog kennel grass ideal solution boarding centersSynthetic grass provides doggy daycares with a clean and green lawn for the dogs to enjoy. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Dog Kennel Grass Provides a Cleanlier and Safer Solution

When customers bring their beloved pets to your business, they want the best for their pets. Seeing beautiful and always green artificial grass is inviting to potential clientele. Concrete or pea gravel dog runs are hard and unwelcoming to dogs’ sensitive paws. Dog kennel grass provides a soft surface that is safe and clean. Our artificial turf provides a highly durable surface to handle the continual traffic of four legs, yet still soft to the touch.

To keep the surface of the artificial grass clean, we install an advanced drainage system with an all-natural in-fill that absorbs odors. With the drainage system, pet urine drains through and flushes clean with a garden hose. Artificial grass is mud-free, and rainy days won’t stop dogs from having the chance to go outside and play. Dogs will stay clean and not track dirt and mud back into your facility. Therefore, your place of business can experience a cleaner inside and outside.

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NexGen Lawns dog kennels and runs provide installation at both commercial and residential properties to provide a clean and safe surface. We offer a variety of dog kennel grass you can easily purchase through our online store. With NexGen Lawns, you can experience the benefits of reducing lawn care costs and providing an always green dog-friendly space. Please give our K9 artificial grass pros a call today at 1-888-844-0672 for any questions.