Shoppers Pay Attention to Dog Centers with Kennel Turf

When walking into any business or home, the first thing you recognize is the smell. This could be a good thing or a bad thing if your business is filled with bad smelly odors. We notice these odors quickly and also our dogs too with their strong sense of smell.  So why take a chance of turning away potential shoppers with smelly odors? Especially if you own a dog business with dog boarding, kennels, animal hospitals, veterinarian clinics, or doggy day spas. Instead, have your dog business or potential dog centers with kennel turf.

Dog centers with kennel turf

There are dog centers with kennel turf that made a wise choice to install high-quality pet turf with odor control infill.  NexGen Lawns carries dog-designed kennel turf and the right in-fill options to help combat the smells. With our help eliminating smelly odors, potential two-legged and four-legged shoppers can now pay attention to the excellent customer service that might have been overlooked.

potential dog centers with kennel turf2 Ways Artificial Kennel Turf Combats Smells


Drainage is an absolute must-have for any dog business. Without proper drainage at your site of business, pet urine will sit on top of the surface. This can cause long-lasting smells to accumulate. The use of artificial turf with the right drainage system in place will allow pet urine to flow through the surface and not sit on top. A key benefit of artificial turf is it eliminates standing rainwater. Standing water can also become a smelly problem and a messy problem.  The water will convert the dirt to mud leaving both the dog and the inside of your dog business a muddy disaster.  An artificial turf system in place flushes the water through and has no mud to deal with.

Odor Control Infill

To keep musky odors from appearing, we offer an antimicrobial artificial grass infill – Envirofill.  We apply the odor control infill during the installation process between blades of artificial grass. Dog centers with kennel turf then can help reduce pet urine smells by 99% with Envirofill.  It contains Microban technology to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.  The Microban disrupts the bacteria process that converts pet urine into ammonia odor, this helps to greatly reduce the surface of smelly odors.

If you’re ready to give your clients an odor-free surface that contains excellent strength and durability, contact our dog turf experts today at 1-888-844-0672. Besides helping your place of business become cleanlier with odor control, artificial turf for dogs keeps the grounds looking good too. Check out our kennel turf to see the difference!