Does Artificial Grass look Realistic?

Does Artificial Grass look Realistic

Artificial grass has evolved over the decades from your typical thin and unpleasant texture of the past.  Major improvements to the yarn have changed the hard and crunchy feeling of fake grass into a surface that feels lush.  Many often wonder, does artificial grass look realistic?  Today, artificial grass offers a lovely lawn to homes that looks realistic.  Oftentimes, many people won’t see the difference between a regular lawn and an artificial grass lawn.  Except that one lawn always keeps green and the homeowner never has to mow or water their synthetic lawn!  In addition, you won’t have to spread hazardous fertilizer or seeds out!  The natural appearance of artificial grass comes through many different technological advances.  Artificial grass now comes in different densities, heights, colors, and engineered-shaped synthetic blades.  All of these different items have helped to transform artificial grass into a beautiful lawn that looks real.realistic artificial grass

Give yourself a gorgeous artificial grass lawn to walk outside to that looks real.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Things to Consider for a Realistic Appearance of Artificial Grass

Quality, Quality, Quality!

When looking at the differences in artificial grass, the quality of the yarn should be your focal point.  With high-quality artificial grass, you can feel and see the difference in the yarn.  The yarn should feel soft to the touch and not hard and crunchy.  If the yarn has a hard texture feeling, this can feel stiff and uncomfortable to walk across.  Otherwise, investing in a synthetic lawn can leave you with a cheap-feeling product that feels rough.  However, soft and durable artificial grass gives you that lovely-looking lawn that you want to achieve.

Blended Tones and Thatch

The blades of the artificial grass can come in a combination of different hues.  Therefore, when deciding what will work best in your own lawn, look for a blended color combination of synthetic fibers and thatch.  Different shades of green synthetic grass fibers help to bring that natural appearance to lawns.  Additionally, the thatch is the smaller blades that look curly and usually tan.  These smaller tan or green blades help artificial grass look like regular grass lawns.


Infill is the product used to help the synthetic grass blades stand up.  In addition, infill offers softness to the ground to give that natural feel of absorbency to the lawn.  This gives you that realistic feeling when walking across the ground.  Many think of messy rubber pieces when they think of infill.  However, NexGen Lawns uses a non-rubber infill, which provides a nice appearance.  A popular choice is sand for infill; however, we also carry Envirofill which is a highly-rounded quartz sand with a Microban coating to help prevent the growth of bacteria.

UV Protection

An artificial grass lawn with UV protection will give you a long-lasting green lawn.  The sun can quickly fade items outdoors; however, to keep your artificial grass looking realistic, added ultraviolet protection helps to prevent the yarn from degradation and fading.  Ultraviolet inhibitors are mixed with the polyethylene when the fibers are made to provide UV protection without dangerous lead content.  This helps to provide you with a stunning artificial grass yard for years to come.

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