Modern Developers Utilize Synthetic Grass Lawns

Ever wonder what the professional builders and developers utilize at their own homes?  Many homeowners often look to professional designers for ideas and new landscaping concepts.  Synthetic grass lawns have started to be incorporated more and more into homes for the longevity and style they bring to homes. Thus, developers utilize synthetic grass for the landscape of homes and businesses.  Synthetic turf also offers clean and crisp lines to many architectural homes that are both modern and useful.  With the amazing green fake turf lawn, the desired look is achieved year-round without any landscaping upkeep needed.  Homeowners are therefore truly able to sit back and relax and enjoy the beautiful green landscape of synthetic turf.  All without worrying about mowing, watering, or applying any lawn chemicals that you have to keep up with a sod lawn.

developers utilize synthetic grass

Synthetic Grass Lawns Offer Beauty & Class

Synthetic grass offers a new look to different spaces with a wide variety of uses.  Many homes with swimming pools have started to feature an artificial grass pool surround the edge of the pool.  This offers a clean look with a beautiful shade of green against the pool waters.  You can host gatherings at your home with family and friends and not have the pool full of grass clippings.  Or have yucky mud puddles around your home swimming pool from the water splashing out on the lawn.  This is due to the quick drainage of synthetic grass.

Additionally, developers utilize synthetic grass at commercial businesses with pools.  For example, hotels, apartments, and condos that offer pools or outdoor spaces can have an easier landscape that looks exceptionally classy through faux grass.  Guests can take a dip in the swimming pool with the modern look of faux grass surrounding the pool waters.

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NexGen Lawns’ sleek and modern synthetic grass lawns can create the perfect modern outdoor landscape for both residential homes and commercial properties.  It’s perfect for both large and small outdoor spaces around landscaping stones.  The design options are endless when you utilize artificial grass on your next project.  You can easily shop for luxury synthetic grass for your personal lawn needs or business concepts.  If you’re ready to add style and class to your home, then please give our synthetic grass design team a call at 1-888-844-0672.  NexGen Lawns can install artificial turf lawns, pool surrounds, dog runs, backyard putting greens, sporting fields, and many more.