Childcare Centers Incorporating Fake Grass in Schools & Playgrounds

Children love using their imagination, and having a child-friendly play space with fake grass is ideal at childcare centers and schools.  Artificial grass gives kids a safe place under playground equipment that is clean and tidy without any messy dirt.  Not only does it provide a soft cushioned outdoor area, but also a great way to bring a soft and colorful space indoors.  Therefore, this is why many childcare centers incorporating fake grass in schools and playgrounds.

The colorful ground of artificial turf can change the boring regular grass school yard into a bright play space.  Whether want to add artificial turf just below specific playground equipment, or cover the entire school ground, our NexGen Lawns’ certified installers are here to assist you.  We can incorporate fake grass throughout your school ground in a variety of color options.  Therefore,  your school, daycare, or park can experience a beautiful fake turf setting.childcare center incorporating fake grass

A stunning new playground with childcare centers incorporating fake grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Fake Grass Offers a Versatile & Safe Surface for Kids

With the help of NexGen Lawns, playgrounds and classrooms become a fun and stimulating environment.  To keep kids safe on playgrounds, our synthetic turf surfaces can come equipped with a foam padded base.  This foam padded base adds extra cushion and bounce to turf surfaces to protect children from any trips or falls.  The highly elastic foam padding helps to protect children as they play along the artificial turf.  Synthetic turf is not just for outside!  As schools are looking to add a new and refreshing indoor classroom. Artificial grass provides an endless flooring solution for children.  Multipurpose artificial grass can be used to provide imaginary classrooms, indoor sports fields, a beautiful reading space in libraries, and many more possibilities.

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NexGen Lawns is also your premier provider and installer to provide schools and childcare centers with top-quality artificial grass playgrounds, parks, and sporting fields.  We carry a wide variety of playground fake grass to choose from for kids to play upon.  Want to also add some color?  There are also multiple color options of synthetic turf to brighten up classroom flooring or beneath playgrounds.  NexGen Lawns also offers customization to incorporate school names, logos, or mascots into the artificial turf.  Please contact our staff for any questions, custom orders, or to get started today to bring a safe and fun environment both indoors and outdoors for kids!  You can reach us at 1-888-844-0672.