Practice this Baseball Season with your own Batting Cage Turf

Now that Major League Baseball season has officially begun and professional athletes have been hitting the diamond, it’s time to practice your own baseball swing on your personal batting cage turf. With all the busy games, softball, or baseball tournaments to attend, sometimes getting a field to practice on becomes difficult. Springtime games usually mean lots of rain showers, causing grass fields to become muddy and unplayable. That’s also where NexGen Lawns’ personal artificial turf batting cage is the best option to work on your skills. With the help of NexGen Lawns, athletes both old and young can practice their perfect fastball. This is whilst using our customized artificial turf pitching mound or working on their home run swings.

Practice this Baseball Season with your own Batting Cage Tur1A personal indoor artificial batting cage helps athletes to practice their swing and pitch any time of the year.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Choose NexGen Lawns Foam Backed Batting Cage Turf

When many individuals think of a batting cage, a hard concrete floor is usually pictured on a thin layer of turf.  However, with NexGen Lawns premium artificial turf batting cages – we offer two different sizes of foam padded bases.  This foam padding also adds extra cushion under players’ feet. This helps aid in shock absorption and is easier on the joints.  It’s perfect to apply over concrete or outdoors.  An added benefit of our highly durable artificial turf for batting cages is there is also no infill required.  That means no messy rubber pieces or sand to worry about cleaning up.  This will help to keep your indoor facility tidier.  NexGen Lawns batting cage turf comes built long-lasting and ready for practice time.

Practice this Baseball Season with your own Batting Cage Tur1NexGen Lawns offers multiple color options to add team colors or logos into indoor or outdoor artificial turf batting cages.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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At NexGen Lawns, we also offer a wide selection of baseball artificial turf that can customize through our different color options and even can incorporate team names or business logos.  Our customization is perfect for businesses looking to add their logo or individuals wanting to add their favorite team colors.  NexGen Lawns provides you with extremely durable artificial turf batting cages both installed indoors and outside.  Give us a call today at 1-888-844-0672 to schedule to install your own batting cage.  Our professional installation team can install artificial turf batting cages this baseball and softball season for individuals to enjoy practice time anytime.