Change to a Baseball Artificial Turf Field for More Usage

Tending to sports fields can require high demands to keep them well-prepped and maintained.  This is valuable time that is taken away from coaches and athletes to use the fields.  Therefore, change to a baseball artificial turf field for more usage.  Artificial turf offers a versatile field that helps to save your city park or sporting complex in expenses.  This is through the low maintenance that comes along with synthetic grass.  No more closed fields for mowing or watering when you select artificial turf.  Instead, you can keep the playing fields open longer when you select artificial turf.

In addition, artificial turf allows for many types of sports to play across the fields.  That way your school or sports club can offer more sports to play than only one specific sport.  NexGen Lawns is here to help you change your fields or create a new one.  We offer artificial turf installation for sports fields, batting cages, training centers, and more.

baseball artificial turf field

We install both indoor applications and outdoor artificial turf.  Photo credit: NexGen Lawns

Baseball Artificial Turf Field & Playground Provides Durable Accessibility

Synthetic turf surfaces used for baseball fields and playgrounds allow for easy access that is smooth and even.  Unlike grass fields that become lumpy and muddy, children will now have a year-round play space that’s both safe and accessible.  NexGen Lawns synthetic turfs are built strong to withstand motorized wheelchair traffic for individuals of all abilities chance to play.  NexGen Lawns synthetic turf comes equipped to keep fields dry for more playtime with advanced drainage.  This means rainwater drains through the synthetic turf baseball field to quickly dry out.  Sports players will now have more time to utilize the fake turf fields.  Instead of having to cancel their games and practices till the fields dry out.  Sometimes this can take days or weeks on regular grass, which leaves a mess with rescheduling.

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NexGen Lawns also provides synthetic turf for multiple application areas. These are from sporting fields, playgrounds, parks, putting greens, and more.  With synthetic turf as your outdoor surface, your space becomes maintenance-free built for exceptional durability for high traffic.  We invite you to view NexGen Lawns’ outdoor artificial turf products available for purchase for your own home or business to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor turf.  Please give us a call today at 1-888-844-0672 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.