Train all Year with a New Artificial Turf Training Floor

artificial turf training floor

Outdoor elements can keep you from training and exercising outside; however, an artificial turf training floor provides a surface indoors for any time use.  The benefit of placing artificial turf inside gives you a highly durable ground to continue to work out and train in the offseason.  Therefore, this keeps you out of the miserable wind, rain, and snow!  Not only can these elements make the outdoors feel colder, but the rain and snow can make for a very slick ground.  The NexGen Lawns professional artificial turf installers can help you have a surface to train indoors and out of the cold elements.

Working out in the off-season helps to prepare the body for the season, and helps keep the body in shape.  NexGen Lawns provides a premium surface through our truly high-quality artificial turf fibers with excellent durability.  Plus, we offer amazing turfs that protect the joints through our foam padding underlayment.  When working on agility through cross-training, the fake turf helps to absorb the impact to help with the safety of the joints.  Thus, let fake turf transform your gym, school, and park with a highly durable floor for a range of applications.

artificial turf training floorAn artificial turf training floor offers a visually striking surface to brighten up indoor rooms.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Turf Training Floor Provides Numerous Training Options

Sports – The use of indoor artificial turf means you can have a sports field to train on night and day right inside.  NexGen Lawns can provide you with an indoor field or smaller training field for multiple sports to practice on.

Sled Training – Sled training has grown in popularity at many sporting facilities and health centers.  Whether it is sled pulls or pushes, our strong fake turf gives a surface to keep up with the exercise.

Weight Lifting – An artificial turf floor provides a strong surface for weight lifting.  Thus, the cushioned ground helps protect the joints, unlike a hard floor.

Sprints – Runners, athletes, and individuals looking to exercise can all practice their sprints on a surface that looks realistic.  Fake turf offers a ground that gives traction and the feel of regular grass indoors.

Interval Training – Need a spot for your high-intensity workouts?  Then, artificial turf gives a surface to help aid in shock impact for indoor interval training.

Did you know a padded artificial turf floor from NexGen Lawns means a cleaner ground surface?  Yes, that means your facility will keep clean without the messy infill.  NexGen Lawns can help you customize your gym through logos and team names designed across the fake turf.  Thus, call today to revamp your hard flooring into a cushioned synthetic ground!