Change your Style by Incorporating an Artificial Turf Terrace

Change up your business into a new fresh look by incorporating an artificial turf terrace.  Why keep the same boring ground as other businesses?  Instead, bring a modern look to set a beautiful atmosphere for your clients or customers with a touch of artificial turf.  Instead of having a dull ground outside due to concrete on your terrace.  Artificial grass offers a lush ground with the eye-catching shades of green of our faux grass.  Thus, this brings a simple look that looks amazing all through fake grass!  We offer different artificial grass products in different color combinations.  Whether you want to add a deeper shade of green or a more bright shade of green – the NexGen Lawns team can help you liven up your terrace.  Our NexGen Lawns synthetic grass installers can help your business bring a new look.

artificial turf terrace

Give your business a makeover with an artificial turf terrace to bring in a new style.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Terrace Adds New Style

An artificial turf terrace offers a unique amenity to businesses like restaurants, hotels, and apartment complexes.  The fake grass brings in new design elements to spaces.  Sometimes outdoor spaces that do not have any grassy-like spaces can go unused.  This space is unused potential!  Including stylish lounge areas that include artificial grass makes the once undesirable area into a new hot spot for customers.  Therefore, you can have a new gathering space with a faux grass covering with little upkeep.  There is no watering or mowing with artificial turf, which means you’ll have more available time to host events, gatherings, and other activities.  Additionally, artificial turf stays green all year for year-long activities directly on the turf.

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NexGen Lawns has been helping businesses modernize or expand their amenities by incorporating artificial turf into their buildings.  Synthetic grass is vibrant and adds a colorful lounge area for customers to hang out.  Our synthetic grass products not only work within businesses to add gathering spaces but also for entertainment value.  Simply adding a bocce ball court or putting green brings a fun-filled spot to differentiate from other businesses.  Artificial grass installed as putting greens and bocce ball courts offer the perfect entertainment venue for any age group to enjoy!

We invite you to view our artificial turf terrace products to bring more amenities to your business.  Additionally, you can reach us at 1-888-844-0672 to discuss your business terrace for the installation of fake turf.