Showcase your Doggy Daycare with Artificial Turf for Dog Boarding

Do you own a doggy daycare, dog boarding center, or obedience school? Then, you probably have high-traffic spaces for dogs at your place of business. With multiple dogs needing exercise, training, and potty breaks, grass can break down swiftly under active paws. Dogs require lots of exercise either outdoors or in an indoor environment. Finding the right surface that suits doggy needs is a must-have. Artificial turf for dog boarding stands up to the paw challenge! You can showcase your doggy daycare with synthetic pet turf. At NexGen Lawns, we carry synthetic turf that is manufactured with only dogs in mind. You can rest assured knowing your dog boarding facility will be equipped with dog-friendly turf that is built with specialized technology to showcase your dog boarding facility.artificial turf for dog boarding

Synthetic dog turf keeps the grounds clean and the dogs clean too! Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Turf for Dog Boarding Provides the Following:

Always Green Lawn – Nothing looks worse than a dog run or lawn full of holes or brown and yellow spots glaring at customers. The uneven holes can cause accidents and hurt dogs out trying to run and play. By utilizing artificial turf at your doggy daycare, canines will experience an always green play lawn without any holes or brown spots.

No Dirty Dogs – It’s time to say goodbye to all the mud, dirt, and grass clippings on paws and fur. Not only does artificial grass for dogs help to keep your kennels clean, but equally important is keeping dogs clean too! A synthetic dog grass system stops mud in its tracks by creating a mud-free lawn system. Pups can run freely outside after it rains and not run back indoors covered in mud with our advanced drainage system.

Reduces Maintenance Costs – A synthetic grass lawn system helps doggy businesses reduce maintenance costs.  This is from reducing water usage, costs of relaying new sod, eliminating mowing costs, and ending harmful lawn applications.

Controls Odor – Stop that stinky potty smells from lingering around your doggy daycare. Our rapid flow backing allows water and pet urine to flow swiftly through turf fibers.  Additionally, with our specialized drainage system, unwanted smelly pet urine passes quickly through the system to help control odors. For even more odor control, we carry a pet deodorizer infill to get rid of odors.

For more information on how to showcase your doggy daycare with artificial turf dog boarding, give our pet experts a call today at 1-888-844-0672!