Artificial Turf Football Fields Gives Consistent Play

Artificial turf football fields provide a playing surface that coaches and players need and deserve.  With artificial turf football fields, players will have a consistent playing surface.  Sports players can improve their performances as they get used to a consistent field.  Rather opposite of a grass surface that fades and wears throughout the year.  A grass playing field wears down quickly from continual usage.  Therefore, this leaves a playing field with varying thin spots across the field.  These worn-out spots do not provide a consistent playing field.   Moreover, the worn-out spots turn into a disaster during rainy seasons.  The field turns into a messy muddy sports field.  With so much mud on the field, forces club owners to cancel games and practices.  Therefore, this leaves the sports players missing out on practice time.  The schedulers are now left with multiple games and tournaments to reschedule.

Artificial turf football fields solve these issues with a highly durable surface that has no mud.  This means fewer cancellations due to rain or wet playing fields.  With NexGen Lawns, artificial turf sports fields; underneath the surface comes a highly advanced drainage system.  This drainage system quickly dries the water from the field.  This allows the sports players to play their games without worries of cancellations due to wet field conditions.  Additionally, artificial turf fields don’t have to be closely looked after for brown spots or compacted dirt spots.  A grass field during the summer can fade out leaving hard dirt patches.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf fields are highly durable to withstand high foot traffic for a consistent field that keeps green.

artificial turf football

Synthetic playing fields shine year-round for a variety of sports and events.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Turf Football Fields Lessen the Maintenance

Playing fields require hours upon hours of field maintenance.  This is due to keeping the grass field cut, watered, and staying green.  Not only is this a time-consuming feat; however, it is also very costly.  With artificial turf fields, you will greatly reduce the expense of field maintenance.  There is no re-sodding, watering, mowing, or fertilizing.  Additionally, not having to close the fields for maintenance provides more field time for players.  Sports players and coaches will have valuable additional time to use the field.  Whether that’s for games, tournaments, or even offseason practices.  Plus, artificial turf football can host multiple sports all on one field.  For more information on transforming your sports field, contact NexGen Lawns today!