Add an Artificial Turf Dog Park Feature

Add an artificial turf dog park feature to your park, business, or also at dog-focused business.  If you are looking to add a dog park or dog lawn, NexGen Lawns can help you with our dog-friendly artificial grass.  Artificial turf gives a park or dog lawn an area for a dog-friendly surface for dog owners to bring their furry companions to.  Furthermore, it provides the perfect ground to socialize on, with a clean and safe surface.  This is due to the fast drainage of artificial grass to drain both rainwater and dog urine.  This drainage also helps to reduce odors.

Since artificial turf has rapid drainage, there’s no messy mud to contend with.  Therefore, the dogs will keep cleaner, and the floors inside your building too.  No lumpy mud or dirt pits that dogs can hurt themselves on with artificial dog turf installed.  Fake grass gives a nice-looking green surface throughout the year to play on.  Additionally, you don’t have to mow anymore with fake grass.  This means you can watch the dogs play and not have to pull out the lawnmower to keep the grass trimmed.  Artificial grass provides a realistic look that helps your business look nice all year with the green turf.

artificial turf dog park feature

Give the dogs a place to play outside with an artificial grass dog park.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Add an Artificial Turf Dog Park Feature

An artificial grass dog park feature is a wonderful place for dogs and their owners to get outside. It also provides a great place for dog owners and their dogs to enjoy some socializing.  Whether you need a large space or something on your home lawn, NexGen Lawns can help you.  We can provide a large dog lawn for a small fake grass dog run.  You can view our many artificial turf dog park feature.

NexGen Lawns has helped dog kennels, parks, and homes become much cleaner with K9 artificial turf.  Our artificial grass helps to reduce odors thanks to our advanced drainage system and natural in-fill.  The quick-drying ground drains both rainwater and dog urine.  Therefore, less smelly odors with artificial turf in place.  If you’d like to create a clean, pet-friendly area then please give us a call today at 888-844-0672.  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you and your pet by creating a new outdoor play area for your dogs with the installation of pet turf.