Rid yourself of Mowing or Paying for Lawn Maintenance with an Artificial Grass Yard

With the heat of summer upon us, many homeowners have been sweating it out in their yards with the constant upkeep demands of grass.  Grass yards are continual maintenance of mowing, watering, seeding, fertilizing, and edging.  All of this lawn work is not only hard on your back but limits your personal free time at home.  And if you’re not personally pushing the lawnmower, then your wallet has been giving it out all year for lawn maintenance care.  Take control of your yard this year and eliminate the pesky lawnmower chores with an artificial grass yard!

A NexGen Lawns synthetic grass yard requires no trimming, watering, or fertilizing.  Homes with synthetic grass are left with a beautiful functioning lawn year-round. This allows for a lawn for backyard fun, family gatherings, parties, and much much more. Just imagine the more time you’ll have with the low lawn maintenance of having an artificial grass lawn.  Additionally, you can beautify your backyard with a backyard putting green everyone can play on that requires no mowing or watering.

An Artificial Grass Yard Keeps the Mud & Grass Clippings Out

If you’re therefore tired of waiting days for your lawn to dry out after the rain, a NexGen Lawns premium artificial grass yard will keep your lawn dry with our rapid flow drainage system.  The urethane-coated backing system can also drain at a rate of 118.3 inches per minute per square yard!  This means after it rains the rainwater flows quickly through the system to leave lawns dry and mud-free.  With drier lawns, there are no worries of standing water that invite pesky mosquitoes and a messy muddy yard.  Adults, children, and even the dog can also actually enjoy the lawn without tracking mud inside.  An artificial grass lawn never requires lawn mowing.  This means you’ll never have grass clippings to pick up or track into the house or pool.

artificial grass yardFake grass is the ideal choice for lawns and backyards with its’ amazing realistic look and feel.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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If you’re also ready to say goodbye to the smelly gas lawn mower and enjoy a stunning lawn year-round, visit NexGen Lawns’ large selection of premium artificial lawn grass available for purchase online.  NexGen Lawns supplies and installs artificial grass lawns, putting greens, playgrounds, parks, dog runs, pool surrounds, sports fields, and many more.  Thus, please contact our team at 1-888-844-0672 to schedule your synthetic turf installation or for any turf questions.