Invigorate the Rooftop with an Artificial Grass Rooftop

Rooftops can sometimes turn forgotten with many viewing the rooftop as a bare empty concrete space with no use. Instead, invigorate the rooftop with artificial grass rooftop. Rooftops can provide condos, townhouses, and restaurants with additional outdoor space. That can come revived with the use of a synthetic grass rooftop. By utilizing synthetic grass on top of buildings or condos, the once-unused space can turn transformed into an inviting outdoor oasis for all to enjoy. The benefit of using fake grass versus trying to grow grass is the low maintenance turf provides.

With artificial grass, you can also experience soft green turf fibers that require no watering, mowing, or lawn applications. This means no storing lawn equipment that becomes an eyesore on the rooftop or having to figure out how to move it upstairs or on an elevator. The possibilities with fake grass on the patio or rooftop are also open to all sorts of amazing ideas. We have therefore our favorite designs included below to give you ideas to include on your rooftop.

invigorate rooftop synthetic grass rooftopA NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass putting green will be the perfect escape on the rooftop. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A Few Artificial Grass Rooftop Possibilities

Outdoor Patio Space – Relax with family and friends up top or over a terrace with a beautiful faux grass patio space. Synthetic grass brings also a modern touch outdoors and brightens up any patio furniture for a truly relaxing area.

Play Space – Synthetic grass is also highly versatile from covering the hard uninviting area to a playful green space that kids will love. Children will now have an outdoor spot to run around and get their wiggles out.

Putting Green – Why not have a little fun on your patio or rooftop with a round of golf? Putting greens are increasingly popular with all ages with the ease and low maintenance they provide.

Dog Run – Living in urban communities is also difficult for dog owners to find a regular potty place and exercise area. Synthetic turf gives dogs a year-round dog run they can use the bathroom and have fun playing fetch.

Gardenscape – A rooftop raised garden with planted pots is breathtaking to see. Synthetic grass provides the garden perfect flooring surface to bring in all the colorful flowers and bushes in planters.

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