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Artificial Grass McKinney

NexGen Lawns provides top-quality artificial turf and artificial grass in McKinney, TX, and surrounding neighboring areas.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass caters to varying environments to suit different areas.  Our highly skilled professional installers cater to both commercial and residential properties.  Including lawns, dog runs, playgrounds, putting greens, and athletic sports fields.  Our design team works closely with our clients to refurbish spaces with only the absolute best synthetic grass makeover.  NexGen Lawns strives to provide only the highest-quality artificial grass.  While also providing you with the best service and products for artificial grass in McKinney.  No matter the surface, our fake grass is the perfect choice to suit your needs!

Artificial Grass McKinney Options

It’s important to know the different artificial grass McKinney options available before purchasing artificial grass.  Due to the different features and benefits of artificial grass.  Below are just a few of the different artificial grass options by NexGen Lawns.

Residential Artificial Grass McKinney

Residential Artificial Grass McKinney TXIf you’re considering installing residential artificial grass in McKinney for your lawn, NexGen Lawns can transform your old tiresome lawn into a breathtaking maintenance-free lawn year-round.  Residential artificial grass relieves your time-consuming lawn chores of mowing, edging, watering, seeding, and applying hazardous fertilizers and pesticides.  Therefore, you will have more free time to enjoy the things you love.  Fake grass provides multiple applications from large commercial spaces, lawns, patios, pool surrounds, decks, and rooftops.  Specifically the small shady areas beneath trees that make growing grass difficult to achieve.

By investing in NexGen Lawns artificial grass in McKinney your lawn will stay green year-round.  Even when exposed to sunlight or pet waste.  You can now relax in the comfort of your maintenance-free lawn.  As a result of not wasting time and money trying to maintain a water-hogging sod lawn.  You will be helping to save our planet’s water and your water bill at the same time.  Your pets will love it, too!  Additionally, there’s no mud with residential artificial grass.  Experience the amazing results of a remodeled synthetic lawn with the professional experts at NexGen Lawns!

Artificial Grass for Dogs McKinney

Artificial Grass for Dogs McKinney TX

NexGen Lawns provides dog-friendly artificial grass in McKinney and surrounding areas.  Our artificial grass was designed just with dogs in mind.  Our artificial grass for dogs is strong, durable, and long-lasting!  Are you tired of a muddy mess from a regular grass lawn, kennel, dog park, or doggy daycare?  Then, NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs in McKinney is the best solution.  Regular grass becomes a hazard for pets to run along.  It creates hard and compacted dirt trails that turn into a muddy disaster after the rain.  As a result, dogs then track their muddy prints right into the house or business.  Leaving you a mess both inside and out.  Artificial grass for dogs in McKinney helps to keep your yard and home clean.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs provides a clean surface for pets to play and exercise.  Additionally, the turf surface is soft on their tender paws, unlike pea gravel or concrete.  Dogs will love the soft clean surface that pet turf provides.  Your lawn and kennel will have a clean and mud-free surface due to our advanced drainage system.  Another perk is artificial grass for dogs in McKinney which provides relief from itchy natural grass.  Especially irritants from outdoor allergies, insects, and toxic pesticides.  Now, your pet can enjoy a scratch-free lawn that looks great year-round.

Artificial Turf McKinney for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf McKinney TX

NexGen Lawns offers highly durable artificial grass in McKinney in a wide selection of sports fields and sports complexes.  Artificial turf gives versatility to sports fields.  Due to the ability to host a broad range of activities. Some include baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, band practices, and more.  NexGen Lawns artificial turf professionals work closely to create a surface to suit your needs and enhance your surface, and performance.  We offer customizable turf in multiple color options available.  We can even incorporate team logos and business sponsors to help personalize your sports field with artificial turf.

Sports fields require a high level of maintenance to keep the field in playable condition. You have the expense of continual maintenance costs from mowing, water, resodding, and fertilizers.  NexGen Lawns artificial turf is a cost-effective way to transform and improve your sports field.  Furthermore, an astro turf styled field gives the field year-round usage with a quick drainage system.  No more rainouts or muddy field conditions!  An artificial turf sports field gives your coaches, trainers, and players a year-round playing surface.  While saving you time and money!

Backyard Putting Green McKinney

Backyard Putting Green McKinney TX

Would you like the freedom to play a round of golf or work on your chip shot whenever you choose?  You can with a NexGen Lawns artificial grass backyard putting green!  Our backyard putting greens gives homeowners their own time frame to be able to practice a game.  Just by simply walking into your own backyard!  Say goodbye to the hassle of driving to the nearest course or range to get a round in.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass putting green design team can create a course just for your needs.  No matter if you’re a pro or an amateur.  You will be able to maintain and improve your skills in playing golf.  While also adding extra value to your home.  All with a backyard putting green in McKinney by NexGen Lawns.

In addition to installing artificial grass backyard putting greens, NexGen Lawns also installs and renovates commercial properties.  These include driving ranges, tee lines, golf courses, and putting greens.  Our highly skilled team can transform your greens with artificial grass that looks exceptional all time, with little maintenance.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass in McKinney provides courses and tee lines with a cost-efficient and highly durable surface.  Therefore, providing businesses with massive savings in maintenance and upkeep that are no longer needed.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass putting greens and tee lines create the best outdoor entertainment venues.  Family, friends, and clients are sure to love a NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass putting green.

Playground Turf McKinney

Playground Turf McKinney TX

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass playground turf in McKinney provides a safe, soft, and clean play environment.  Therefore, parents, teachers, and caregivers will have relief in knowing the playground turf is safer than a hard surface.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass for playgrounds contains a 100% recycled padded foam base underneath for a safer play area.  The highly elastic foam base helps to retain shock absorption to protect children.  The padding is LEAD-FREE and contains no rubber, lead, or other heavy metal.  Just a safer and soft surface for kids to play on inside or outside with playground turf in McKinney.

NexGen Lawns artificial playground turf offers a non-rubber infill.  So there are no more annoyances of rubber pieces making a mess.  Especially not having pieces stuck onto children’s skin, clothing, or in shoes.  Additionally, teachers and caregivers will not have to cancel recess or playtime over wet grounds.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass provides quick drainage for rainwater to pass through leaving your surface drier faster.  Our highly experienced installers have refurbished numerous playgrounds, parks, schools, and daycares.  We can provide your residential or commercial property with a safer and cleaner play space too!

Why Opt For NexGen Lawns’ Artificial Grass Turf in McKinney?

Residents of McKinney understand that it takes a great deal of care to make their lawns green and healthy. With hot summer months, it can take regular cycles of water and maintenance to keep your yard appealing. Not to mention having to work in the yard in these hot months.

But McKinney has some uncommon weather as well and experiences ice and snow every so often in the winter. And these cold storms tend to be sporadic and infrequent, usually lasting from a few hours to a few days. This makes them difficult to plan for, but also can be problematic for your lawn.

If you opt for artificial turf in residential McKinney, you can avoid having to worry about the cold and the hot. If not, you will have to constantly secure lawn care solutions, from weed control to pest removal to fertilization services. Not only are these costs you don’t need, but they are also costs you can avoid entirely with artificial grass in McKinney.

If you have lived in McKinney for some time (long enough to see the settling in of winter, for instance) then you know that raking the leaves each fall for a clean slate and mulching them to fertilize your lawn can be time-consuming. And make no mistake, the way to bolster a healthy lawn through the winter is to mulch those leaves and let them join the soil during the colder months.

And even if you have a mild winter and are able to maintain that “green grassy yard”, blades of real grass don’t have a lifespan and are likely to turn brown during those months. While you may be making the most of your yard during those months, artificial grass stays green all year long, creating an appearance that is unavoidable.

Choose now to have a green and perfect yard year-round by turning to NexGen Lawns’ artificial turf grass in McKinney.

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