Check Out the Trendy Artificial Grass Decks

Are you looking for new backyard design ideas for your home that is low-maintenance and fashionable?  Then, complete your look with artificial grass decks.  Artificial grass decks have become increasingly popular with the fashionable and stylish look of synthetic greenery.  Fake grass is easily installed at homes and businesses to add modern style and fun.  The flowing color of green makes pairing outdoor furniture easy and eye-catching.  The design options are endless with the use of synthetic grass across patios, decks, and rooftops.  The NexGen Lawns team of professionals can help you bring a nice touch of color to your own deck with the installation of artificial grass.

Artificial Grass Decks are Stylish & Low-Maintenance

With the use of synthetic grass, there is no upkeep like traditional grass with the hassle of mowing or watering.  It brings a once-hard concrete patio or wood deck a soft and inviting feeling.  The softness is welcoming among feet and provides a softer and safer space for delicate children’s feet and pet paws.  No protruding nails or splinters to worry about, unlike a wood deck.  The refreshing carpet of faux grass is the perfect year-round surface to have fun outdoor meals, events, and social gathering places.

NexGen Lawns synthetic grass can be used across decking and patios to not only relax but can be made into a personal putting green or bocce ball court.  Our artificial turf installers can add a fun addition of a synthetic putting green to your outdoor spaces.  Outdoor artificial turf putting greens are perfect for the entire family no matter the age to enjoy the sport of golf together.  Additionally, you can play throughout the year with a putting green that is green all year.

artificial grass decksNexGen Lawns can create the perfect backyard putting green to play right on your outdoor deck.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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 NexGen Lawns can also change the look and feel of your backyard decking with the cool and vibrant feel of synthetic grass.  Our fake grass, therefore, brings a refreshing modern twist to the outdoors with a realistic look.  We carry a wide variety of high-end artificial grass deck selections for both residential homes and commercial properties.  Our synthetic grass comes treated with ultraviolet degradation to keep turf fibers from fading in the sun.  To also explore your outdoor design ideas and start your artificial turf installation, you can reach our turf experts at 1-888-844-0672.  At NexGen Lawns, we believe in saving you time, money, and water!