Install Artificial Dog Turf to your Dog Park

Are you searching for a high-quality artificial turf dog product?  Then, NexGen Lawns carries the best synthetic grass options for dog areas.  Many businesses and parks have recently started to install synthetic grass on their properties.  Since many dog owners look for dog-friendly facilities and parks to go to, an artificial grass surface is a perfect solution.  Dog parks offer a great public place to meet new dog friends to play with and run around.  Therefore, NexGen Lawns provides you with a ground that is low maintenance and perfect for numerous dogs to play on at the same time with our exceptionally strong artificial turf fibers.  This will give your business a fantastic amenity to offer or a place for your dog at home to play throughout the year.

Artificial Dog Turf is Fun, Clean, & Easy

By adding artificial turf to your dog park, dogs and their owners will have peace of mind knowing their pets will play along a safe surface.  Artificial grass is smooth and free of any hard objects in the ground and best of all mud-free!  Unlike rough gravel-filled dog runs that can hurt sensitive dog paws.  In addition to the drainage system keeping the ground mud-free, the rapid drainage also helps reduce odors.

NexGen Lawns turf fibers are gentle on tender paws and yet contain the strength and quality for the traffic of playful paws.  Thus, this means many dogs can play together on durable artificial dog turf.  For any clean up the turf is easily washed clean with water, just spray the surface with the garden hose to wash it down.  Synthetic turf gives pups at commercial and residential properties an outdoor space that is perfect for agility and socialization.  Whether you need an outdoor place or need something inside like an indoor training room, our team can assist you.

artificial dog turf

Dogs love to roll and play upon soft artificial grass dog runs.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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NexGen Lawns loves pets and knows how much they mean to their owners.  We carry a full line of artificial dog turf for a safe and clean doggy area.  This includes options for both residential and commercial locations looking for the installation of synthetic turf for dogs.  To learn more about artificial grass dog runs, parks, and kennels you can call our pet turf experts at 1-888-844-0672.  Your dog deserves the best and you deserve a cleaner yard with NexGen Lawns.  Give us a call to get started on adding a quality dog run, park, or dog-friendly synthetic lawn!