Add Some Fun Outside on an Artificial Bocce Ball Court

artificial bocce ball court

It’s hard to believe, but spring weather will be upon us soon.  Why not offer something new and fun in the backyard with an artificial bocce ball court?  If you have played bocce ball before, then you know how exciting the game can be.  It’s a great family-friendly game to play with kids and grandchildren, or for a gathering of friends.  Everyone can gather outside for a cookout and game time on a synthetic bocce ball court.

What’s nice about the game of bocce ball is you can play the game in a mixture of ways.  If you don’t want to try to roll the balls closest to the jack ball, then change it up and try rolling the farthest out or without touching another ball.  Thus, you can make the game your own variation or even change it from bocce ball to straight lawn bowling.  A fake turf court gives you many options on how you want to use your synthetic surface.

artificial bocce ball courtArtificial grass provides a smooth and eloquent surface for a bocce ball court.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

An Artificial Bocce Ball Court Offers Minimal Upkeep

One great perk of artificial grass as your bocce court surface is the minimal maintenance you’ll have.  You won’t have to worry about having bumpy dirt to play on.  Instead, artificial grass provides a great playable surface to roll on.  The artificial grass court does not require fertilizer to keep it green, trimmed down, or watered.  Therefore, you can go out and have a quick game without having to make sure the court is mowed and edged.  NexGen Lawns carries natural-appearing artificial grass that comes lead-free for a quality court surface.  Thus, you can play on a green bocce ball all year with an artificial grass surface.  We can place a bocce ball court in the yard, over a deck, patio, inside, or even on the rooftop.  Therefore, no matter what size lawn or no lawn at all, our installers can create a stunning artificial bocce ball court.

Are you ready to get started on adding an artificial bocce ball court to your home lawn this year?  Then, get in touch with the premium synthetic grass installers at NexGen Lawns.  Fill out our contact us form or give us a call at 1-888-844-0672.  Whether you just want a bocce ball court installed, or if you’re thinking about remodeling the whole lawn with lush synthetic grass – NexGen Lawns can assist you.